The Study Group for Roman Pottery (SGRP) was formed in 1971 to further the study of pottery of the Roman period in Britain. The group is a registered charity (no. 1185560) that provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest research, and of issues affecting the subject and its practitioners. The annual conference and regional meetings promote contact between specialists and the opportunity to handle pottery from different regions. The Group currently has over 170 members, from all over the British Isles, Europe and further afield.

Membership is open to anyone involved in the study of Roman Pottery, whether actively working in, researching, interpreting, or teaching Roman ceramics, or simply having an interest in the subject.

Information about the group is disseminated via a newsletter, which provides details of meetings, working parties, ongoing research and publications.

Members receive a copy of The Journal of Roman Pottery Studies, the peer reviewed journal produced by the Group.

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