Study Group for Roman Pottery London Conference 2004

– London Fri 2nd to Sun 4th July 2004

This year the conference
will be hosted by the Roman pottery team at the Museum of London
Specialist Services. The theme is ‘Trade, Supply and Romanisation’
and the final programme is as follows:-

Friday 2nd July

13.00 Registration and coffee
13.45 Welcome and introduction

Session: Romanisation (Chair: Roberta Tomber)
13.55 Bruce Watson: Friends, Romans, countrymen
lend me your pots!
14.20 Val Rigby: Romanisation in retrospect
14.55 Isobel Thompson: Grove kiln
15.20 Alice Lyons: Distribution and types of
amphorae in Norfolk

Session (Chair: Roberta Tomber)
16.00 Jenny Hall: The evolution of the reserve
collection at the Museum of London
16.20 Phil Mills: Digital archiving and digital
17.00 1st Ceramics and Glass store tour/pot viewing
17.30 1st Ceramics and Glass store tour/pot viewing
18.00 Residential delegates depart for halls of

Saturday 3rd July

Session: London papers (Chair: Fiona Seeley)
9.30 Angela Wardle: Londinium project
10.00 Gwladys Monteil: Samian sets from London
10.25 Robin P Symonds: Evolution of Roman pottery
studies in London
10.50 Joanna Bird: Decorated samian from the
Guildhall amphitheatre

(not for the fainthearted!)

11.55 Rupert Featherby: Gresham Street Tazze
12.20 Kevin Greene: Pottery as proxy evidence for
the Roman economy
12.45 Chris Green: Dolia
13.10 Colin Wallace: Trapian Law, Inveresk and
Cramond: recent work on contexted

mid and late Roman pottery from south-east Scotland

14.15 Travel to Museum
14.45 Harvey Sheldon: Tour of Roman London and
Southwark with mid-afternoon

break for refreshments
18.30 Reception at Pizza Express, London Wall,
including lecture by Dr A.T.Z Katz
19.30 SGRP Conference 2004 Dinner at Pizza Express,
London Wall

(NB. Separate cost from conference)

Sunday 4th July

Session: Trade and Supply (Chair: tbc)
9.30 Geoff Dannell: Pots for Sale!
9.50 SGRP Annual General Meeting

11.35 Ester van der Linden: The terra sigillata of
the Nijmegen canabae
12.00 Kay Hartley: The evidence for imports from the
continent and for the movement of

potters from the continent as illustrated by coarse ware mortaria found in
12.25 Franziska Dövener: An exceptional pottery lid
from Mamer, Luxembourg
12.35 Wim de Clercq: Roman handmade pottery
traditions on the continental coast and their
connections with Roman Britain. Style, technology, influence and trade (1st-3rd
centuries AD)
13.00 Chris Lydamore: Why is the .38 so special‌
13.05 Jerry Evans: The role in towns in the
marketing/distribution of Romano-British pottery


There will also be an opportunity to see the newly redisplayed Museum
of London pot and glass store, and for the conference outing Harvey
Sheldon will be taking us on a tour of Roman London including
Southwark. There is also the opportunity for attendees to view key
pottery assemblages from the Museum’s archives.

The conference will be held at the London Archaeological Archive and
Research Centre (LAARC) at Eagle Wharf Road and the accommodation will
be at the Metropolitan University halls of residence on Holloway Road,
a short bus ride from the LAARC. Please note that there are no parking
spaces at the accommodation apart from those designated for registered
disabled permit holders.

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