SGRP annual conference 2016 – first call for papers

Peterborough, Saturday June 11th – Sunday June 12th 2016

Nene Valley colour-coated beakerFIRST CALL FOR PAPERS

This year the SGRP conference is being held at Peterborough, based at the Park Inn Hotel. There is a choice of week-end residential or day attendance only. The format will slightly differ in that we will have one concentrated day of papers with pottery handling on Saturday. Sunday is devoted to a visit to Castor (Normangate Field), and a tour of the “Praetorium” and Church, led by Dr. Stephen Upex.

We are looking for offers of papers up to 20 minutes in length but shorter contributions are also welcome to highlight new finds or interesting facts. Please get in touch with SGRP secretary, Jane Timby, if you would like to contribute.

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