Contacts and Committee

How to contact the SGRP

For general enquries, please send a message via the contact form. For queries about membership, the bibliography, the website, or other specific matters, click the email links below.

Membership and changes of address
Diana Briscoe (Treasurer and Membership Secretary, SGRP) treasurer
Agenda items for committee meetings and other Study Group business
Jane Timby (Secretary, SGRP) secretary
Contributions to the newsletter
Andrew Peachey newsletter editor
Contributions to the Journal of Roman Pottery Studies
Steve Willis journal editor
Contributions to the Study Group for Roman Pottery Bibliography
Diana Briscoe bibliography editor
Contributions to the website
Edward Biddulph website editor

SGRP Committee
Rob Perrin president
Jane Timby
Treasurer and Membership Secretary
Diana Briscoe
Newsletter Editor
Andrew Peachey
Journal Editor
Steve Willis

Ordinary Members

Edward Biddulph
Jane Evans
Jane Faiers
Roy Friendship-Taylor
Alice Lyons
Andrew Peachey