Journal of Roman Pottery Studies – Volume 14: Contents

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 14

Edited by Pamela Irving and Steven Willis


Dedication vii
Roman pottery from the Channel Tunnel Rail Link section 1, Kent 1
   by Paul Booth
Grey face jars in East Anglia: a possible connection
with veteran settlement in Britain in the 2nd and early 3rd centuries AD
  by Gillian Braithwaite
The Rowland’s Castle Romano-British pottery industry 51
  by Jonathan Dicks
Roman miniature pots and their contents from Frensham Common, Surrey 67
  by David and Audrey Graham
Consuming the exotic: carrot amphorae and dried fruit in early Roman Britain 71
  by Daniel T Howells
Terra sigillata from the Nijmegen canabae: the canabae as a market 82
  by Ester van der Linden
A ceramic suspended cauldron found at Scole
Romano-Celtic temple, Norfolk
  by Alice Lyons
Pottery consumption c AD260-70 at the Roman coastal defence fort in Oudenburg, Northern Gaul 95
  by Sofie Vanhoutte, Wouter Dhaeze and Wim De Clercq
  Joyce Pullinger by John Alexander, Collin Wallace
and Steven Willis
  William Bernard Barr compiled by Chris Lydamore
with Kevin Green
  Brian Hartley by Geoff Dannell and Joanna Bird 145
  Grace Simpson by Joanna Bird and Steven Willis 147

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