Journal of Roman Pottery Studies – Volume 18: Contents

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 18

Edited by Steven Willis


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Contributors to this Journal
Andrew Savage (1956-2018) by Steven Willis
Alain Vernhet (1941-2018) by Peter Webster
Karen Waugh (1963-2019) by Steven Willis
Valery Rigby (1938-2020) by Jane Timby

1. Mortaria production at Pentney, in the Lower Nar Valley, West Norfolk
Michael de Bootman and Alice Lyons

2. Late Roman pottery production at Gunvil Hall Farm, Wymondham, Norfolk
Alice Lyons and Graeme Clarke

3. An early Roman pottery kiln at Capel St Mary, Suffolk
Stephen Benfield and John Newman

4. Pottery production at the Roman small town of Grobbendonk, Belgium
Barbara Borgers

5. A Late Iron Age and Roman pottery assemblage from Barton’s Road, Havant, Hampshire
Jane Timby, with Dominic McAtominey

6. Pottery on Mars. A third century pottery assemblage from Trade Parc Westland, Mars, in the civitas Cananefatium, the Netherlands
Roderick Geerts

7. A gazetteer of the incidence of less common samian ware fabrics and types in northern and western Britain. Part 2: Central and East Gaulish fabrics
Margaret Ward

8. Ad hoc accessories for Roman ceramic vessels: A note on modified vessel bases and worked ceramic discs
Cameron Moffett

9. An exploration of the distribution of relief-patterned tiles in Roman Britain
Peter Warry
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10. Reviews
Review of The Roman Pottery Manufacturing Site in Highgate Wood: Excavations 1966-78 (2018) by A.E. Brown and H. Sheldon
Robin Symonds

Review of The Roman Object Revolution (2018) by Martin Pitts
Jane Evans

Résumés (Abstracts in French) translated by Sophie Chavarria
Zusammenfassungen (Abstracts in German) translated by Franziska Dövener

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