Journal of Roman Pottery Studies – Volume 19: Contents

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 19

Edited by Steven Willis


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Frank D. Lockwood (1951-2021) by Steven Willis

1. Pottery from excavations conducted in 1939 in advance of the construction of an Air Raid Control Shelter in the area of the Colonia at York
Rob Perrin

2. Excavations on Roman pottery kiln sites in Cantley Parish, South Yorkshire, 1956-1975
Paul C. Buckland, John R. Magilton† and Malcolm J. Dolby, with contributions by Glenys Lloyd-Morgan†, John Peter Wild and Philip I. Buckland

3. A re-assessment of numbers. The case of Cantley Kilns 33-4 and 37-9 using EVEs and comparing vessel counts between two sampling events
Philip I. Buckland, Andy Steers and Paul C. Buckland

4. A kiln containing a failed load of coarse ware pottery. Detailed examination of Romano-British pottery production at Lavenham, Suffolk
Andrew A.S. Newton, Andrew Peachey, Liam Podbury and John R. Summers

5. A second century pottery workshop manufacturing mortaria and colour-coated vessels in a suburb of Roman Lincoln
Ian M. Rowlandson and Hugh G. Fiske, with Kay F. Hartley, Gwladys Monteil and Jane Young

6. Actions and choices in the pottery placed in Roman inhumation burials and cremations in Kent
Martha Carter

Résumés (Abstracts in French) translated by Sophie Chavarria
Zusammenfassungen (Abstracts in German) translated by Franziska Dövener

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