Journal of Roman Pottery Studies – Volume 20: Contents

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 20

Edited by Eniko Hudak


Editorial Board
Contributors to this Journal
Margaret Jane Darling, MPhil FSA MIfA (1939–2021) by Ian M. Rowlandson
Roberta Sylvia Tomber (1954–2022) by Jane Timby
Paul Bidwell, OBE LLB MA FSA MIfA (19 June 1949–5 November 2022) by Alexandra Croom and William Griffiths

1. Glass-working at Mancetter-Hartshill Caroline M. Jackson

2. Fifty years (or perhaps 49) of the Study Group for Roman Pottery Christopher Young

3. Reflections on the past and considerations for the future on the objectives of the SGRP Fiona Seeley

4. Why study Roman pottery? Surely the men have done it already! Kayt Hawkins

5. National initiatives in archaeological archiving Duncan H. Brown

6. Pure and sample: An assessment of the impacts of sampling on the interpretation of a Roman pottery assemblage from the A14C2H excavations Lanah Hewson

7. Means to an end: The use of average sherd weights and rim percentages to better understand ceramic fragmentation and deposition patterns Edward Biddulph

8. Communities of practice in 2nd–5th century AD pottery production: A case study from south western Noricum, Austria Barbara Borgers and Martin Auer

9. A late Roman ‘Nene Valley colour-coated ware’ kiln site beside the River Witham at Lincoln in 2009 Hugh G. Fiske and Ian M. Rowlandson

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