Journal of Roman Pottery Studies – Volume 16: Contents

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 16

Edited by Steven Willis


Contributors to this Journal
Don Mackreth by John Peter Wild
Charmian Woodfield by Members of the Study Group
Mark Wood

1 Verulamium Region White Ware production at the Roman kiln site of Brockley Hill, Middlesex: a compositional and technological reassessment
Silvia Amicone and Patrick Sean Quinn

2 ‘Hoo ware’ an investigation and comparative analysis of evidence recovered from a first century AD Romano-British site in North Kent
David Applegate

3 Roman pottery production at the site of Vervoz, Belgium, between the mid-first and second century AD
Barbara Borgers

4 Unusual kiln vessels from Danbury, near Chelmsford, Essex
Joyce Compton

5 Getting samian ware to Britain: routes and transport possibilities
Geoffrey Dannell and Allard Mees

6 Pottery production in Roman Cologne: A summary of old and new finds
Constanze Höpken

7 The ancient Tripolitanian amphora: the evidence from France and the recent excavation at Toulouse ‘caserne Niel’
Matthew E. Loughton and Laurence Alberghi

8 A gazetteer of the incidence of less common samian ware fabrics and products in northern and western Britain: Roman rubbish, or riches? Part 1: Introduction and South Gaulish fabrics
Margaret Ward

9 Late Montans decorated samian ware from Scotland and North-West England
Felicity C. Wild

10 Reviews
La production de sigillée et de céramique fine gallo-romaine de Gueugnon (Saône-et-Loire), J.-C. Notet 2012
Reviewed by Robin P. Symonds
Roman London and the Walbrook Stream Crossing: Excavations at 1 Poultry and vicinity, City of London. Parts 1 and II, J. Hill and P. Rowsome, 2011
Reviewed by Edward Biddulph
Roman and Medieval Development South of Cheapside. Excavations at Bow Bells House, City of London, 2005–6, I. Howell, with L. Blackmore, C. Phillpotts and A. Thorp, 2013
Reviewed by Steven Willis
Studien zu römischen Bronzegefässen mit Meisterstempeln [Studies of Roman Bronze Vessels with Master’s Stamps], R. Petrovszky, 1993
Reviewed by Raphael Isserlin

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