Journal of Roman Pottery Studies – Volume 17: Contents

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 17

Edited by Steven Willis


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Contributors to this Journal
David Peacock by Roberta Tomber
Cathy Tester by Jo Caruth
Phil Jones

1. The import and distribution of eastern amphorae within the Rhine provinces
Tyler V. Franconi

2. Roman pottery in ritual contexts: types, fabrics and manipulations
Constanze Höpken and Manuel Fiedler

3. An early Romano-British double flue pottery kiln at Church Road, Snape, Suffolk
Antony R.R. Mustchin and Andrew Peachey, with contributions by John Summers

4. Roman pottery groups from the excavation of pits, a cremation and other features at Sholden, Kent
Rob Perrin with a contribution by J. M. Mills

5. Bread and circuses, cutlets and sausages? Romano-British prefabricated ovens and ceramic baking plates
Jane Evans, with Alison Heke and Andrew Peachey

6. Curved ceramic firedogs in the western Low Lands (Flanders and the western Netherlands) in the Roman era
Jeroen van Zoolingen

7. A Late Iron Age and early Roman pottery assemblage from Leybourne Grange, West Malling, Kent
Edward Biddulph with a contribution by Patrick Sean Quinn

8. Fifth and sixth century African Red Slip and Late Roman C wares from Ossonoba (Faro), Algarve, Portugal: the assemblage from Horta da Misericórdia
Edgar Fernandes

9. A Roman Pottery Retrospectives
Beth Richardson
Peter Webster

10. Reviews
The Arverni and Roman Wine. Roman Amphorae from Late Iron Age sites in the Auvergne (Central France): Chronology, fabrics and stamps by Matthew Loughton, 2014
Reviewed by Robin P. Symonds
Insight from Innovation: New light on archaeological ceramics, edited by E. Sibbesson, B. Jervis and S. Coxon, 2016
Reviewed by Edward Biddulph

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