Journal of Roman Pottery Studies – Volume 10: Contents

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 10

Amphorae in Britain and the western Empire

Edited by Judith Plouviez

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Editorial vi
Combined Bibliography for the Amphora papers (pp 10—116) 1
Roman amphorae in Iron Age Britain 10
  by A. P. Fitzpatrick
Cretan wine in Roman Britain 26
  by David Williams
Amphorae and vineyards from Burgundy to the Seine 32
  by Fanette Laubenheimer
Amphorae from Lyon and the question of Gaulish imitations of amphorae 45
  by Armand Desbat
Romano-British amphorae 50
  by Robin P. Symonds
The place of Gaulish wine in the military supply of amphorae-borne commodities
to Roman Scotland
  by A. P. Fitzpatrick
Spanish olive oil trade in late Roman Britain: Dressel 23 amphorae from
  by César Carreras Monfort and David Williams
Fish-sauce amphorae from the Iberian peninsula: The forms and observations on
trade with the north-west provinces
  by Stefanie Martin-Kilcher
Haltern 70: a review 86
  by César Carreras Monfort
Ver 1908 amphoras introduced 92
  by Paul R. Sealey
The Lipari origin of the ‘Richborough 527’ 96
  by Philippe Borgard and Madeleine
Cavalier, with Appendices by Maurice Picon and Roberta Tomber
Two unusual amphora types from the Museum of London 107
  by Roberta Tomber
The third and second lives of amphoras in Alphen Aan Den Rijn, The Netherlands 109
  by J. H. van der Werff
Samian Studies, 1985—96: A Review 117
  by Joanna Bird
The character of Lyon ware distribution (with particular attention to the evidence
from the Midlands and the North of Britain)
  by Steven Willis

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