Journal of Roman Pottery Studies – Volume 12: Contents

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 12

Edited by Geoffrey B Dannell and Pamela V Irving

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Dedication ix
K F Hartley:- a biographical note 1
Chronological list of the published works of K F Hartley 2
Personal appreciations   by Sheppard S Frere 11
            by Colin Baddeley 12
            by Roland Sauvaget 13
            by Viv Jones 14
The dating of Crambeck Parchment Ware 15
  by Paul Bidwell
Reflections on the choice of Brockley Hill as a pottery production site 22
  by David Bird
Varro’s dolia: jars for fattening dormice 26
  by Joanna Bird
Un Potier du Rozier (Lozère) 32
  by Ariane Bourgeois and Michel Thuault
Late Roman pottery kilns at Goodison Boulevard, Cantley, Doncaster: excavations
by J R Lidster in 1957 and 1962
  by Paul C Buckland and John R Magilton
Roman stone mortars — a preliminary survey 54
  by HEM Cool
The mixed grill over-egged 59
  by Nina Crummy
A Study in Scarlet: samian pottery and the Claudian invasion 64
  by Geoffrey B Dannell
Brough-on-Humber fine wares production 83
  by Margaret J Darling
P-14 unmasked, and what happened next 97
  by Brenda Dickinson
Thomas May and Castor Beakers 106
  by J P Gillam
Pots for tables; tables awaiting pots: an exercise in speculative archaeoeconomy 112
  by B R Hartley
The Pitt Rivers Collection of samian ware in Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum 117
  by Robert Hopkins/td>
The Great Essex Earthquake (AD60/1)? 126
  by Raphael M J Isserlin/td>
A bird in the hand 132
  by Catherine Johns and Val Rigby
Food and drink in Wales: the impact of the Roman occupation 136
  by Myfanwy Lloyd Jones
Size matters: the role of smaller temporary camps in North Britain 141
  by Gordon S Maxwell
Les mortiers Drag 45: leur place dans 1’étude des céramiques d’époque romaine 145
  by P-H Mitard
The Roman Pottery Industry of West-Central Leicestershire 149
  by Richard Pollard
A glass vessel of peculiar form’: a late Roman mould-blown bottle found with a
burial at Milton-next-Sittingbourne in Kent
  by Jennifer Price
Why save anything? 164
  by Richard Reece
The latest ceramic mortaria in Bulgaria? 167
by Vivien G Swan
A collection of samian ware found close to the first bridge at Piercebridge 179
by Margaret Ward
‘The hidden paw’ the mystery of the cat in Roman Britain 184
by Janet Webster
Roman pottery production at Gelligaer 192
by Peter Webster
Paternus, I or II? 201
by Felicity C Wild
A Roman paint pot from Castor, Normangate Field, and its contents 204
by H G M Edwards, P S Middleton and J P Wild
Rare tazze, paterae and a broad hint at a lararium from Lactodorum (Towcester) 209
by Charmian Woodfield
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