Journal of Roman Pottery Studies – Volume 7: Contents

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 7

Ian M. Betts, Ernest TM Black and John L. Gower
with contributions by M. R. Cowell, A. P. Middleton, M. Russell and M. Stone
Additional illustrations by I. M. Betts, N. Crowley, N. Griffiths, J. Harding, J. Keily,
J. Jenny, M. Line, B. Martin and T. Shiers



List of figures vi
Acknowledgements vii
Part l: Introduction 1
Section 1: The history of the study 3
Section 2: The definition and importance of the study 5
Section 3: Illustration 6
Section 4: Identification 7
Section 5: Types of tile with relief-patterned keying 8
Section 6: Box-flue tile size 13
Section 7: Tile-kilns producing relief-patterned tile 16
Section 8: Thin section and Neutron Activation Analysis studies 17
    A. P. Middleton, M. R. Cowell
Section 9: Relief-patterned tile fabric groupings 19
Section l0: Distribution of relief-patterned tile 26
Section 11: Dating methods 41
Section 12: Experimental work 44
Section 13: Literate patterns 45
Section 14: Relief-patterned tile from other provinces 47
Section 15: Relief-patterned daub 48
    M. Russell
Section 16: Conclusions 52
Part 2: Corpus Catalogue
Introductory remarks 65
Location of dies 1-124 66
Location of uncertain dies 152
Appendix: Additional London dies (1991-1993) 161
Bibliography 163

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